The Sims 4: E3 Interview w/SimGuruGraham
TheSimsVIP Interview with Graham Nardone


"What we’re showing at E3 is Willow Creek and that’s the name of our new world in The Sims 4.  Now, each of our worlds is comprised of five neighborhoods.  Within those neighborhoods they’re very distinct.  They have unique characteristics and personality.

As you travel between them, you get a different feel in each one that you go to.  Now, the thing with the neighborhoods is they do still do have lots inside them.  Up to five different lots per neighborhood.  And as you go about the game all of those public areas in the neighborhood?  The areas that aren’t on lots; those are persistent.  So if you went in and traveled from one lot to say your neighbors house next door you’re still going to see all the Sims doing the same things out in those public areas.  But you do travel between the various lots in game.”


"You can send Sims off to different neighborhoods, different lots.  They’ll continue simulating in the background.  So where ever they are if they’re not active on your lot at that time; time is still passing. If you go some where and then come back after a few hours, that time will have passed. 

So they’re still thinking.  They’re doing their life simulation and actually there’s some small, little away actions — is what we’re calling them — that you can start to have actions for your Sim while they’re away. So you can give them little tasks to do while they’re gone doing their own thing.”


"Down in the Sims viewer, where you see your entire family, you’ll see if they’re loaded in your current lot or not.  So all your active Sims you can instantly jump to them.  You know, where ever they are as long as they’re in that current neighborhood. 

Now your Sims that are away, off somewhere else, you can switch to them very easily.  Or you can bring them directly to you.  So I can click on my Sims viewer and say, you know, “Bring Graham here.”  And Graham Sim is going to instantly show up, be playable immediately.

Now if I wanted to switch to where he was instead?  I’d just say, “Switch to Graham.”  It goes through the load and them I’m playing as him.”

3:08  AGING

"We put the control in players hands.  We have two different options in game.  If you want to enable automatic aging for your own Sims for played households.  Or if you want to enable it for all of the NPCs in the world.  So you can have your own Sims automatically aging and let everyone else just not age.  That’s totally an option.

The entire world can age; that’s an option.  And that’ll all happen no matter if you’re loaded there or not.  They’re going to continue to age.” 


"I do want to clarify one thing. Because we do support that rotational gameplay now the difference there between played households and NPC households?  Played households are families that you have played.  So I can jump between my household and another household and they can both be aging — if I want them too — or I can turn that back off.  So that’s kind of where the distinction is."

4:20  MANAGE WORLDS (Switching Families)

"You can jump between your different families all you want and it’s not just restricted to the neighborhoods.  You can jump between different worlds as well — you know if we introduce more in the future. 

So it’s all very fluid and you can play as many homes as exist in that world.  So constantly jumping between them. Now the way you do switch them is jumping up to what we’re calling Manage Worlds now.  It’s similar to Edit Town but it’s a much faster, smoother process. It’s not like Edit Town was in The Sims 3.  And I’m sure we’ll introduce and show more of that down the line.

But we are supporting rotational gameplay. It’s going to be a better experience in The Sims 4.”

5:30  HOLY SIMS BATMAN (Why the change from an open world?)

"And of course we can bring in more Sims simultaneously.  So up to TWENTY Sims per active lot.  And you really see that.  You get a sense of them all doing they’re full life simulation.  It makes everything much more vibrant, believable and active.  I love seeing other Sims just roaming by on the sidewalk, getting into little interactions.  You know kicking the trash over; grilling up some fish. It’s really dynamic and it’s fun to start going out and interacting with those Sims."


"In terms of those public areas?  That area in the neighborhood.  I think that something Sims fans in particular are really going to appreciate is how it’s not just kind of a dead zone there anymore. 

We will have objects out in those public spaces.  Sims will autonomously use those.  You can have your Sim on a lot and if there’s a, you know, some park equipment right next door?  They will be thinking in their head, “Hey maybe I want to go use that park equipment.” 

So, those boundaries of lots?  They a lot less significant now. So you’ll see Sims autonomously using that public area. And that’s what’s so great about our neighborhoods.”


"We don’t have rabbit holes in the traditional sense anymore.  If you’re going off to your job for the day?  You’re going to walk off the edge of the neighborhood and then they’ll come back later that night.

We do have some other stuff — kinda related to that — I don’t want to get into it yet.  It’s a big surprise.  It’s going to be super cool.  So we’ll touch on that at a later point. But there’s some really exciting stuff to look forward to there with how we’re handling it.”



"Right now any Sim you bring in from The Gallery is automatically added to your household.  But you’re not limited to keeping them there. You can always go back up to Manage Worlds, which is similar to Edit Town, and we have a full household management system there. 
So you kick them out of your house and move them into another house.  Or you can just kick them out to being an unplayed household.  Which means you’ll see them around the world but they won’t necessarily have to live with you.”


"Of course, there’s a big distinction between what a mod is and what custom content is.  Mods don’t go on The Gallery as all.  So you won’t be downloading those.  But of course we do support you, you know, modding the game, bringing that in.  If you want that experience you’ll still have it.

Custom content on the other hand can be shared via The Gallery.  And we have a flag on each piece of content that you upload so you can check that off and say this is modded content.  And that way when other people grab it and pull it down into their game they know before hand.”


"We’re going to have full descriptions on all of it.  There’s also comments on every piece of content.  So other players can leave feedback on what they’re downloading and, you know, if they love it, if it’s weird, if it did something to their game… It’s all there but that’s entirely community driven. 

And of course you’re going to have pictures of every piece of content you download as well. So Sims, the homes, different rooms it all has some multiple angles of what they look like before you bring it into your game.”


"The autosave is fantastic.  It’s only going to help people out so it’s not part of the traditional saving system.  You’re familiar with being able to "save as" or "save" and those are still your normal save files. The autosave is in addition to that. 

So when you do different things in game, the autosave is just kind of running and thinking in the background and it’s going to make occasional checkpoints of your progress in your game. And so if you ever got to a point where you forgot to save as you were exiting your game you can jump back to that autosave easily. 

But, of course, you’re going to continue to have your manual saves. You can do your save as, you know, Sim dies you can jump back to your previous save and not worry about the autosave overriding it. It’s entirely in player control.”


"Cameraman mode is still there. It’s got all of the support that you’d expect so you can change your field of vision.  You can do the rotation.  You can snap to certain positions by setting up preset camera points.  So all that functionality is there.  Of course you’re still going to be able to record high def video in game.  So yeah, it’s there.  Players who want it they have it."

11:48  POOLS

"Still a no comment."


"We’re only really talking about the ones we’ve shown so far. So you’ve seen pictures of, kind of, the kids through elders.  We’ll chat more about ages in the future."


"The computer in game.  The computer and the tablet. They have so many funny, cute videos on them now.  I think if you went back to Sims 3 there’s probably like maybe three or four different videos.  All the different interactions on the computer and tablet now they have unique videos so when The Reaper shows up at our demo that we’re showing right now at E3?  He pulls out his tablet and he’s actually checking the list of the dead in the obituaries.  All of that is really unique so when you use those objects make sure to pay attention to what’s on screen.  There’s some fun surprises on there."

13:18  FOOD

"Two things for food.  We’ve split the cooking skill apart now.  You have kind of homestyle cooking and then you also have gourmet cooking.  So if you’re a chef you totally want to do the gourmet cooking.  You have a big family at home, they’re going to love that homestyle cooking. And as you build your way up in those skills you’re going to unlock a lot of different recipes. That are unique to those types.

Another thing about food that’s fantastic, though, is now we have fresh ingredients that you can use to prepare better food.  So when you’re creating your garden now or going out and catching fish down by the river that’s going to make even better recipes, by taking those ingredients back into your cooking.”

Honeywell’s Sims 4 NewsInterviews 2014 | E3 2014

Holy crap, that sounds like they actually researched the TS2 community to see what they didn’t like in TS3.

Well, I’m excited.

Good on them for really listening to what the community has been asking for.

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The Sims 4 to Have a Partially Closed World!


A new article from Computerbild reveals that the town in TS4 will be open, with separately loadable zones.

"A pity that loading times are necessary, e. g. when you enter bigger areas/lots like a museum. This could be especially tiresome for players who like wandering aimlessly through town….

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Russia hangs adults-only rating on The Sims 4


Russia is giving games different ratings based on whether they include content like same-sex marriages. This is a country that hosted an Olympics games this year, by the way.

EA doesn’t plan on changing the game, though:

"We have no plans to alter The Sims 4," said Deborah Coster, a spokesperson for The Sims. "One of the key tenets of The Sims is that it is up to the player to decide how to play the game. We provide the simulation sandbox and player choice and creativity does the rest."

SO ridiculous. 

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The Sims 4: Create A Sim Official Gameplay Trailer

In The Sims 4 gameplay trailer, experience our most powerful and intuitive Create A Sim ever.

Source: TheSims

Honeywell’s Sims 4 News | Goths | CAS 2014

Seriously, I cannot understand how people talk trash about TS4. It just looks better and better.

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WCIF bank loan & pay other sims mod

Hello :) Does anyone know WCIF a mod that will allow my sims to take out bank loans and to pay other sims money?

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The Parker Legacy: 2.5 is now up for reading at my live journal :)

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Sneak peek photos of chapter 2.5! Will be uploaded within the next hour :)

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I wanna play sims on my desktop computer but I don’t wanna get out of bed…

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Julez Parker

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The Parker Legacy part 2.4 can be read on my live journal here. If you decide to take a read, please let me know what you think in the comments :) I love hearing feedback.

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